Friday, November 7, 2014

Telling Secrets Day 1

Let's get right to it shall we:

For the rest of you guys it's TGIF or Happy Friday and don't get me wrong cause I'm glad I made it to this day as well, but it's also a day I transition from working nights to being part of the everyday else crowd. It isn't easy. No matter how much I sleep it doesn't feel like I've rested until I crash again tonight.

It also didn't help that I got a little distracted with some internet hopping this morning after work that set me back sleep wise as well. But I got over those feelings of guilt pretty quick. I've worked the hours to take care of me and mine for another week. I also, as of yesterday, went over 80,000 words total of Where are Our Children. And even though this is mostly second draft stuff and not completely fresh material, I've done this amount of writing in about 26 days. Again, nothing to sneeze at.

In speaking of Children and Rapture specifically, I'm about half way through Xavier's lone entry in this episode. I really felt the pace had picked up and the word count go down in the first two chapters in this book but Xavier's is a HUGE chapter. It has a ton of support characters as we finally have the Circle together on screen for the first time. There is a lot of backstory in this chapter. There is some plotting and foreshadowing as well. And why I am enjoying writing it, I've been about as nervous as any chapter I've put together so far.

The reason...I guess I want to be as clear as I can getting these characters and their relationships to each other and the organization across to the reader. One of my (many) faults, especially as a young writer, was my ability to tell this stuff to the reader. I understand it. I created it. But it is useless if you the reader doesn't give it. So when I originally plotted this thing 5 years ago, I wanted time and space within the plot to tell and expand on these very 2 unique groups and the two people that lead them.

I think (I hope) that Serena and Pandora came across your page or E reader as real as I could make them during her and Thomas Pepper's chapters in Deliverance. I don't want to kill the pace. I don't want to dull the story. But knowing the why that these people and these two organizations are doing the things they are is important to me.

Fast forward to the present. I feel that this Xavier chapter is the last chance to understand his and his associates side in this cold war. The pace picks up again after this chapter concludes. Their are plots shifting and characters transitioning to other parts of the overall novel. I only got a snapshot of this during the creation of its outline. I saw it better  when I wrote the first draft. I am very confident of the directions I'm heading into with this version.

Lastly, for the nest few days I will post these 10 codes that I've mentioned here before for ANY of you who wish to order a FREE copy of either Waiting or Fumblerooski from Audible. com. Once again there is no catch. But you MUST register with the site before you can download the book(s). All I ask is that after you listen to either that you give a fair review of the product. Ultimately, my goal as a publisher is to have EACH and EVERY word I write published in a three available formats: E books, trade paperback, and audio. The first is the easiest, the second takes a little more time and effort but the last is where I need help from outsiders to accomplish. Everyone is in this business to make money. The big book chains. The everyday guys and gals who write either full time or when Life offers the opportunity. And the fine folks that produce these audio book productions fall into that category as well. I've only met a handful of them online and worked specifically with two but the experience was wonderful. Yet, the only way I'm going to get ALL of my coming work to this market is generating interest from what is already there. The more sales I get on existing products, the easier it will be for me to put new stuff up and have a producer take on a project. 411 and Deliverance are waiting to find a producer as I write this. And rather they do or not, the remaining 7 books in Children WILL go up as well.

Anyway here are the first two codes and the instructions that was emailed to me.
Remember, the clock is ticking to me offering free items. The Writer in me wants to be read and enjoyed. The Publisher in me says that's wonderful, but we need to start seeing some revenue from the time and effort we are putting in this.

Anyway, here it goes:

Waiting: 9MMCRNR7ERPBB    Fumblerooski: 4Y92KGZ39M8EY

Remember the FIRST person who puts in the code gets the free copy. As you guys know, I post at different times during the day depending on my work and writing schedules.

Alright, here are the instructions.

I'm telling secrets here...
  1. Go to my book's page on [INSERT YOUR BOOK'S LINK]
  2. Add the audiobook to your cart.
  3. Create a new account or log in.
  4. Enter the promo code and click "Redeem" on the cart page.
  5. To change the price from full price to $0.00, click the box next to "1 Credit" and click the "update" button to apply the credit to your purchase.
  6. Complete checkout, and start listening to the free copy of the book.

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