Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Series of short stories?

Strongly thinking of using the Waiting Storyline as a universe of what would have been stand alone short stories. Faith definitely could work as a tale of the expanded universe bringing back Amadeus, Jonas and introducing a new female lead character and Amadeus daughter who was mentioned in the first story. My problem would be designing covers for these stories. 

And to avoid confusing readers (and myself) all of these tales would take place in the Dominant (our Universe) as a result of what Trinity accomplished in the Recessive Universe by restoring the timeline.

Even my Avenging Angel stories could be told from a Core run Station post war, but again what could I use as covers? I have no artistic talent whatsoever and I would be limiting what I could use. And yet, the thought of building my own universe and having continuity is very intriguing.

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