Thursday, August 23, 2012


Maybe i will slow back a little. One thing that disappointed me was that Confessions  felt rushed. I know I tried to sync my work with Warren Sapp's release. I need to step back and put good work out. I can do this. I need to concentrate less on quantity and involve more quality into the process. Plus potential customers may feel they are getting more for there dime with a 20000 word novella against a 7500 short story. Remember, some authors are selling their novels for $.99. I've said it b4. I'll say it here now, I'm not going to do that. I'll do the free trail, but putting a novel together and selling it for that price is something I refuse to do.

Anyway back to this novella idea. Four stories a year is plenty. It's enough to place on the website and to feel that I'm utilizing my talents. It is also enough to feel that I'm doing something other than working the JOB and working this. I need to bring back quality as I've said.   

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