Thursday, August 23, 2012

learning as i go

I find it interesting that I can be both mildly surprised and very disappointed at the same time, but here i am. First the good news. I'm surprised that Waiting is still being downloaded after already being showcased for free a little over a month ago. With last month's downloads I'm nearing 200 total. Again, that might not mean much in the grand scheme of things, and mean nothing at all in sales but interest is interest. I'll give myself credit for a nice blurb and good stuff in my preview. Back to this a bit...

Confessions hasn't done ANYTHING. After some reflection I think I know why. Again, I know this but I've refused to give into this notion, YOU MUST CATER TO WOMEN AND CHILDREN if you're going to sale anything. Confessions doesn't do that. I'm limiting my audience with this subject matter.

Back to Waiting. IF I DO WHAT IS NECESSARY, and use female protagonist, and slide away from SF I may be able to draw readership, perhaps even some PAYING readership. Or at the least, I'm going to get a better judgement to where my storytelling skills are,

more in a bit...  

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