Saturday, November 29, 2014

Never Felt Like This Before

I'm not going to keep u guys long tonight. I Just finished working the bill paying job and I'm off to do a chapter before bed.

Again, Past Prologue has a likely upload date of Monday. Look for it.

I don't know where the big uptick in page views has come from since Thanksgiving Day, but welcome to my blog. I appreciate each and EVERY one of you. As some of the others who hang around here know, I try to keep the discussion to current and future projects. I'm not truly into the social networking scene. For me at least, I think that should go on elsewhere.

In speaking of future projects...

I'm this close (put your finger and your thumb as close together without touching close) to finalize where I'm going after the Where are our Children Serial is done.

It's going to be a doozy if I say so myself.

More details as we draw nearer to the end of this serial.

It is safe to say that I haven't felt this good about my writing and publishing since I sat down and started 411 a month in a half ago.

Yea, it feels good to say it.

I never felt like this before.  

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