Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Not so Sad Sunday

A couple of constants retained their status quo on this rainy Sunday.

My Jags continue to stink and I haven't added any new words to Past Prologue.

I do, however, see sunlight on the horizon on the latter part. I do expect to return to new writing tomorrow.

I did get some things done on the publishing front.

I got all 6 books uploaded to Google Play/Books. The problem is (as of this writing) I don't know if I did it successfully or not. The process wasn't as difficult or as time consuming as I thought It would be. I had some advantages over some other folks that may have had issues with it: Smashwords is a bitch to upload to when you first start this. That forces you to have more patients for anything else you try to tackle. I looked around a bit and got help from others who had struggled with Google before I got there so that aided me as well. I use d my epub of each book from Smashwords as well for my content upload. Again, I will have to wait to see if it worked, but that helped with this process.

The whole point of this exercise was to get my books into as many reader's hands as I can. As this point I have made the decision to be READ. And Google Books was too big an outlet to continue to ignore.

In speaking of being read...I changed my settings for Where are Our Children. I want to test a theory of mine when it comes to the I Book store. My fiction as done NOTHING there. And I do mean nothing. The two sports themed books do VERY well. They have double digit downloads nearly every day, especially on weekdays. I wanted to try something to give my serial novel a boost there. I believe, I certainty could be wrong, but I believe it is more about lack of visibility than anything else. I'm trying to change that and have little to lose. My fiction does VERY well at Smashwords. I would like to see at least some of this translate to I Books as well.

I'll check back with you guys tomorrow hopefully with good news on both the writing and publishing front.

But today was a not so bad Sunday after all.      

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