Saturday, October 18, 2014

Telling Secrets

Another early posting, after a marathon 4 hour writing session that netted me over 4000 words in Xavier's first chapter. I can't tell you that it is my best chapter, ultimately that is up to you, the reader to decide, but it flowed out of me easier than anything I've rewritten so far. One reason, I gather is that I could tell that I had reached a certain comfort level by this time around the first time I wrote the first draft.

Anyway, after I complete this blog and some other publishing things, I'm probably putting the computer down for the rest of the day and kick my feet up and watch so college football during the day and some hockey tonight. I think I've earned the break.

I've redone my interview on Smashwords for anyone who would like to venture over there for a peek. I talk a lot about this novel. I even give some insights about some of the characters.

I'm gonna try and upload a picture of the cover for 411, the first episode in the Where are our Children Serial so you guys can get a look see. I tried it yesterday but the computer kept freezing up. I don't know whether it was my computer or blogger. So no promises...

But get a look at the interview. I tell a little bit about the process over there.

And I share a few secrets...

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