Saturday, October 25, 2014

Battle Hardened

I'm tired.


That first night of graveyard is always tough and I aint 25 anymore. (smile)

I still got up and completed another chapter. In fact, including the first draft of this novel, this is the most consecutive days of writing I've done in my entire life. I'm going to stop a sec and acknowledge that achievement.

Alright, the acknowledgment is over. Time goes back tonight, which I will be working a 13 hour shift tonight and have my pitiful Jags to tune into tomorrow. This presents a clear and present danger to my streak, but I'm going to get it done...somehow.

411 is online at most retailers, although I Tunes still didn't have it up the last time I checked this morning. I hope that it is by this writing. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing how it does over there. 

Anyway, back this war of attrition with this serial tomorrow. It's going to be my biggest challenge so far, but I am battle hardened. 

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