Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Part 2of my announcement is that in an addition to the Serial Smashwords  version, there will be an Amazon Exclusive Addition. This version will be a single, leaner version than the previous edition. I know for sure that it will start in a different place but will conclude in the same spot.

Again, it is important to ME to tell this tale initially as it came to me four years ago. There is nothing wrong with this tale told this way. The serial offers me a chance to expand it without worrying about pace. It also allows a meaty enough download for a reader to feel that he got enough for his time.   The amazon version will drive the same plot in a more streamlined manner. Some of the back stories will be omitted, for the sake of pace.    

One more part to this announcement tomorrow.

Fiction Words: 2400 est
Covers Made: 0

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