Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tebow's looking good

no, no I'm not talking about the player. I am talking about my article on Tim Tebow. I finished the second draft on both the introductory and Part I which dealt with Tebow's shortcomings on the field: His long delivery, his risk of injury, and people's overreaction to what they feel is leadership because he is such an emotional player.

Tomorrow will be a test. The second part of this article is the media's fascination with him. I'm at nearly 5000 words already and this section seems to be the longest of the three.

I have to say I'm proud of what I'm accomplishing with this. The Introduction, for the lack of a better word, was a bitch. Some of it was due to hadn't written any original prose in years. Secondly, it was more of novel and short story type of prose that takes me sometime to get going. These articles are more factually based. The sentences are more direct. They are less complicated. I had an easier time with that 4000 word Part I than I did the 1000 word Introduction.

Anyway, even after editing this thing it will easily fall into the second largest piece of writing I've ever produced. My first draft of my novel Where are the children? clocked in at well over 140000 words. The only thing that comes anywhere near this is a novella I did once called Don't Cry for me.  It was a novella on the genocide in Rwanda that I wrote about 10 years ago. I don't have a copy of it anymore. I don't know if I can revisit the horror of the real life Rwanda or what I put the lead character through in that ever again. But I guess until they throw the dirt on you, you'll never know.          

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