Thursday, August 9, 2012

ChiTown Eve

I'm much 2 grow 4 this type of nervousness. I haven't actually been this giddy in years. I guess I deserve this a little. I haven't taken official time off from the JOB in over 9 years. And I haven't been on sports road trip since before I got married in 1999. This time tomorrow I'll be at Wrigley Field smelling the ivy (and urine) from what I've read.

Anyway, I'm going 2 try to put away the JOB, the economy, and all the other things that trouble me and enjoy myself thoroughly. Who knows if and when this chance will come again?

But I won't forget about writing. I'm going to try 2 finalize where I go next especially with the Avenging series. I want 2 publish sth before the end of the month.

More later...   

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