Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chicago Trip Recap

A truly wonderful trip. I saw the good, bad, and ugly parts of the city and the people who inhibit it. I'll post a few pics of the city, though my camera gave me fits and I missed more shots than I took. I totally am I took the time to study the L system over the last few months it proved to be well worth it. And for all who care I don't know how u use this system in Chicago without the app that shows u the arrival time of the trains, it was very accurate.

As a sports fan it couldn't get any better. The truth is that Wrigley Field is a dump. And yet, it is a dump that is beloved by people from around the world and I'm glad I got to see it. I understand this better than ever though since I've visited, why the city council doesn't want 2 shut down Wrigley even 4 one year why they renovate. They don't want to loose a quarter of the fan base if they play at US Cellular home of the White Sox which is a superior ballpark in every way.

As 4 the people, Chicago folks weren't overly warm, but what can u expect from people with millions of others and thousands of outsiders in your face all the time. Their are tons of homeless and mentally ill  who hand around downtown and on the L but for the most part don't cause tourist any immediate threat.

The weather was a tad cool for me, which reminded me why I couldn't live up North. They don't call this place the Windy City for nothing as it lived up two its reputation all weekend with wicked gust of wind and chilly nights even in August. Sunday was the nicest day but again this comes from an old Florida boy.

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