Monday, August 6, 2012


Although its looking less n less likely I'll be getting any prose work done 2nite, I did get some template stuff done. I'm going to change the title of my series to Avenging from Killing. I've decided to use a detective for all the stories who I'm leaning heavily towards calling Angel. Avenging Angel. Get it!!

Anyway, the female names that I was going to use still come into play. Except Angel will be looking into solving their murders: Being an Avenging Angel.

I'm working out rather he shoulf be a city detective or a private one. If he is a city cop he would need a partner who WILL be female but beyond that I don't have any idea.

The Avenging aspect has more of a positive conotation than the killing does but that's not the only reason for the change

Again, I like the idea that I discussed in one my post yesterday about being a little more singularly focused in these stories. I think this happens 4 me now, while still being entertaining and literate.  

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