Friday, July 27, 2012

"Waiting" is available

My short story "Waiting" is an E-Book short story available at Amazon. com for your kindle.

A Short Story: Approx 8000 words

Amadeus of Alpha Centauri governs Artemis Mining Station. He is charged with overseeing the traumatized populations of Earth and Mars who are sentenced to slave in the mines. He does so with a devilish charm and an iron fist.

Trinity of Earth is a member of an insurgency, who are launching a desperate, explosive ploy to evict their sworn enemies out of the Core forever.

Jonas of Proxima heads the investigation into the bombings. If he follows the evidence to its logical conclusion, he will lead all three of them to a tragic endgame.

Yet, if the truth is exposed, the waiting will be over, and billions of lives will be lost.

Note: This item will be available at no cost 7-27 thru 7-29.

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