Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tim Tebow

I ran across this article I did on Tim Tebow and some important stats and outline on the coming college football playoff.  I kinda ditched these ideas because even standard formatting gave me such a headache when I first published "Waiting."  To make this read better I needed to center some things, use more bold and italics, and create more empty space.  I think I've gotten better at that and may give this another go. I'm a huge sports fan and I've been told I missed my calling in that regard. I could publish 10 of these articles and still hit a stand alone short story or two before end of the calendar year (I just outlined and made a cover for Faith yesterday.) Then I could start fresh in 2013 with 20 "Killing stories" outlining them along the way. I have 10 for sure outlines already done, with story ideas coming in everyday. I wonder if anyone wants to hear what I think about Tebow? The title was tentatively called, , , "The Gospel According to John: How Elway saved us from Tim Tebow, his media cronies, and a insufferable fan base." Anybody out there got any thoughts?  

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